El Palomar Room

Named for a terrace where our pigeons had their dovecote before the space became a guest room.  It's a new room, but is built with found and recycled architectural details from other times, from the French tiles brought from Marseille to the bright Prussian Blue glass in the bath.  Above the room is a garden and a lookout terrace.

Pal windows and bal.JPG

A room with a view of the Colonial garden of Spanish tiled balconies, iron railings, the ancient well, a balcony, and a distant view of Merida's cathedral  --  from the third floor up in the arms of an ancancient caymito tree.

Sixty-six steps will get you to bed in this bi-level room reached through a circuitous route.  The en suite bath is a few steps higher than the main room.  The bedding is TWO TWIN BEDS.  

Pool with woman.jpg
Pal stair.JPG