Merida, "Cultural Capital of the Americas" -- again

When my adopted city became the first in the Americas to receive this designation in 2000 it meant a lot. I remember puffing up and filling my chest with pride, and sending the news to Wiregrass Georgia and Jones Creek Valley, NC, because at the same time our small hotel, Casa Mexilio, received a series of International Awards -- for excellence and quality -- and on three occasions our business sent representatives to take part in the ceremonies in Madrid (twice) and Paris (once).

They could not imagine -- first in culture -- in Mexico ? I wrote them of the active theater season, and the nights filled with high quality music and dance, and for free. Street life is intense and the colors and sounds of the night make us stay up late.

A hotel guest once exclaimed that such a well staged and high quality event would have cost her eighty dollars -- back home. And when I mentioned that the Kirov Ballet, on tour, opened in Merida before their opening in New York City, she was incredulous.

Every evening events abound and tickets are cheap or free. In Casa Mexilio we post the weeks cultural events and opportunities near the front desk with maps.

The city was the first to win the honor of being the Cultural Capital of the Americas, and now it’s the first to win it twice. In 2017 our city will be promoted all over the world, especially in Europe, and the arts and cultural calendar will grow.

We take pride in living only four blocks from all of the city's downtown theatres and museums and a rich yearly calendar of activities.

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