An Evening Stroll in el Centro

Casa Mexilio is located in the old Barrio de Santiago in Merida, Yucatan. The city has Colonial neighbourhoods located at a four to six block distance from the Main Plaza.

The old neighbourhoods dating from the 17th and 18th Centuries radiate out from the centre like spokes of a wheel and are all easily walkable.

Santa Ana, Santa Lucia, Santiago, San Juan, San Cristoble and San Sebastian all have the traditional configuration of church and church yard or atrium, fresh fruit, vegetable and flower markets, a pharmacy, maybe a super market, taxi stands, a tree-shaded plaza and typical food stalls. Santiago even has a 24 hour convenience store and first run movie theater.

Here -- take a stroll around the Main Plaza. We'll add the other Colonial barrios later.

The cathedral with lighted towers as seen from the Main Plaza at night.

El Zocalo

Facade of the theater Peon Contreras

A church garden

A neighborhood restaurant, half block from Casa Mexilio

Santiago Church

Facade of Hotel Casa Mexilio

Yucatan's State Capitol Building located on the Main Plaza

The interior atrium of the State Capitol Building

Portales on the north side of the main square