Hallet, Davis & Co 1870

With an instrument 150 years old, there is always something to repair. The reward for this type of upkeep are the ghosts of all who have come before. They slip in and out of the room and sometimes offer coaching suggestions.

--------- This is where I’ve been since February. Without a tuning technician, my ear has changed, hearing the correct sounds even when they are out of tune.

In 1960, the piano was a gift from a woman never before met before that special day. Her mother, for whom the instrument was a wedding gift, had been a member and chorister of the city-center church where I worked. And her personal psychiatrist worked with me in the public school system. It all fit together. And we are, in a way, still together, in a different country, in an historic house built about the same year as the piano - 1870.

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