I've always been attracted to foreigners


A house filled with good music, healthy foods and warm and cordial social exchanges - different cultures, different languages - that’s Casa Mexilio.

But my heavy sadness punctuates the day’s normal activities. My relatives are Republicans. They come from, and live in a part of the world where white people think their birthright is ‘privilege'. During an altercation with my favourite uncle concerning race, once, he said: “But that’s the way we wuz raised.”

That day he ceased to be my favorite uncle.

When my parent’s failing health, and eventual deaths, pulled me back to South Georgia and Western North Carolina, I tied to fit in, and attempted to honor them, and my heritage. But it didn’t work. And now, after fifteen years of trying to find a place there, I see that there is no space for me within the Southern American racist, homophobic, hate-filled creeds which dominate and direct the lives of my old friends and relatives. You might call it Republican, or Methodist, or Baptist, or just redneck. I call it sick - and a place to stay away from.

There are too many wonderful, loving, educated and beautiful people in the world, to even sit in the same room, or share the same doorway, with Trump voters.

And that’s why my Mexican home, Casa Mexilio, is open, and accepting visitors again this season. They bring new ideas, interesting concepts, new forms of living. They are travellers with minds open and engaging. And that is what they bring to me.

The belief is, and the data bears it out, that Republicans generally don't have passports. You can see that clearly in the map view above.

"There is a considerable correlation between passports and both median income and per capita economic output. Wealthier states have more passport holders.

And the more highly educated people would be more likely to hold a passport. People with a bachelor's degree or higher, generally have passports.

Creative and knowledge-based workers hold passports and the blue-collar working class job holders, generally don't.

States with more immigrants, or foreign-born citizens, and states with gays and lesbians, the more diverse states, hold more passports.

And you knew this was coming: Democrats generally have passports and Republicans don't.

Openness is about curiosity and adventure, so it would make sense that Open places have high numbers of passports.

And states with more passport holders are also happier."

Thank you - Carrie, Gustavo, Susie, Konstantinos, Manuela, John, Jane, Eduard, Timothy, David, Graham, Julia, Inga, Jaclyn, and all the rest - for bringing your culture and language into our lives.

This data is measured via Gallup surveys. And the generalisations above can be found in the article, America's Great Passport Divide, The Atlantic, by Richard Florida.

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