A Letter to my Neighbor

Yesterday you asked me if I was avoiding you or . . . something ?

The answer is a general, but qualified, yes. I am angry at people like you. And I think you need to fill in the niches left vacant by a steady diet of Fox News. Living here in Mexico surrounded by such diversity in friends, ideas, and culture, you don't make sense.

I'm vacillating between ignoring the US political disaster (while fertilising my orchids and playing the piano) or returning to my roots ---

--- as an activist ---


"A conservative friend told me he did not understand why I and so many others are so angry about this election. Why can’t we move on, and let President Trump govern.

Here is my answer.

"First and foremost, it has nothing to do with Hillary, Bernie, or any third party candidate. This has nothing to do with Republican, Democrat, or Independent. Just get that out of your head right now.

I am angry because my friends, people I care about, people I thought I knew voted for a vile disgusting human being. It has nothing to do with policy, and everything to do with the man himself. If Trump had run as a Democrat, and agreed with me on every single policy position—I would not have voted for him based on character alone.

He has mocked the disabled, and the handicapped. He was endorsed by the KKK. He ran on a platform of division and hate. He has an avowed racist on his staff, Steve Bannon, who has allowed Breitbart to be used as an outlet for “alt-right”(racist neo-nazi) propaganda. I have no doubt in my mind that Trump is a racist. It bothers me that my friends voted for a racist. There is no defense for that.

He treats women as objects; you actually voted for a man who said that he could grab a woman by the pussy, he said this while his wife and newborn son were at home in New York. Better candidates have lost races for lesser things. He is a misogynist. If you think women should be treated in that manner, if you gave him a pass on that, you should be ashamed of yourself.

His temperament—how can you trust a man with the nuclear codes who does not have enough self-control to not send a tweet at 3 AM disparaging the latest person who made fun of him, or pointed out one of his many lies? Speaking of lies, I was raised to always tell the truth. Now we have a president who cannot tell the truth—this is far beyond a normal politician’s lies. It isn’t just him, it is his staff too—alternative facts? Really? I will call it what it is—a fucking lie.

He is completely and utterly unqualified for the job. He nominated a man to head the Department of Energy who thought the cabinet post was to promote U.S. oil and gas. It isn’t, it is the department that maintains our nuclear stockpile. He thinks he can run the country like a business—it does not work that way. Do you really think all of his bluster and bullying is going to get Mexico to pay for a wall? Speaking of him running government like a business. He lost money running a casino, a casino, where you have a license to print money—HE LOST MONEY RUNNING A CASINO! Yet you think he is qualified to run the federal government?

He is a bully who clearly does not understand our Constitution. He wants to make it easier to sue the press for libel. The press is the only job, the only profession specifically called out in the Bill of Rights. The only one. That is how important our founding fathers felt the press was. Trump, he wants the press to only say good things about him, that he should be able to say what he wants without the press reporting on it. I know you have been brainwashed into thinking the press is a bunch of liberal reporters out to get conservative politicians—but that is not the case.

In short, I am disappointed that my friends voted for a man who is wholly unqualified for the presidency, and is unfit for office. I am angry because my friends voted for a racist—now I have to wonder, do I have racist friends? I am angry because my friends voted for a man who is misogynistic—the way he talks about and treats women is an insult to women everywhere. How would you feel if he said he was going to grab your mother’s pussy, or your sister’s? I am angry because you voted for a bully. I will never understand how his mocking and making fun of a disabled reporter was not the end of his campaign. I am angry because my friends bought into his dystopian view of America. Make America Great Again? We were already great!

I am angry because you blindly supported a man who is not qualified to be a dog catcher.

You can tell me you are not a racist, you can tell me that women should not be treated that way; you can tell me that you have high moral and ethical standards. I will not believe you. Your actions, speak louder than words—you voted for a man who embodies those very qualities.

You should be ashamed of yourself, you placed party above country—you sold yourself out to man who spews division and hate. You will feel no shame though. You have rationalized this in your head, you say you could not have voted for Hillary, or you could not allow her to become president, and that is why you voted Trump. You abandoned your values, your own morality—and voted for a vile, disgusting, human being. You will have to live with that for the rest of your life." paraphrased from Mark Andersen

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