A Young Mexican Just Hatched

This old postcard has been in my possession since shortly after my grandmother, Ruby McDaniel Jones died, thirty years ago. Tonight while going through old files it fell to the floor.

She wrote: “Dear Turner Be sure and come to the party at our house Friday night. Tell Tom to go by and get the Cowen girls. Be sure and come because Papa ain't at home. from Ruby"

An old postcard found among my maternal grandmother’s belongings. Why did she keep it and protect it so many years ?

It is unique from many reasons -- because it is obviously an antique and because the subject matter is childish and it is a prophesy of sorts. What were they attempting to say about Mexicans ? The date it was posted was probably 1912 or 13. And my maternal grandmother is insisting that my soon to be grandfather appear at a party, mainly because grandmother’s father (PaPa) “ain't at home”.

Were Mexicans thought to be so exotic in South Georgia in those years, as to be hatched from a giant bivalve clam ?

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