Being ‘recognized’ by your peers

We didn’t plan to be pioneers. But standing in the same place for decades caused someone to notice. Those who noticed almost four decades later are today’s ‘movers and shakers’, the current administration of my adoptive city, Merida, Yucatan.

Driving around Mexico, beginning in 1969, I hoped to find, and searched for, a place to spend the night that was historic or architecturally significant and interesting in some way. And always, something which I could afford.

Creating my own - was an afterthought. But it happened. Our little hotel has survived for almost forty years -- first being a guesthouse, then a B&B, then a small hotel, then a museum -- and now a ‘tavern’.

Because the place called CASA MEXILIO provides what its Shakespearean or Cervantian predecessors did: bed, food, strong drink, company for the evening, -- and a place to dress your battle wounds of the day, plus lodgings for your horse and servants --it is now called Taberna Mexilio.

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