Re-doing historic spaces

We’ve all seen it happen and some of us are responsible for ‘updating’ to the point of obscuring the original intent and presentation of the building. Modern convenience or current style means different things to different people.

In developed countries it is estimated that one person in every 10 lives outside his or her country. And many of them insist on bringing their previously formed ideas of what living in a certain foreign country might mean.

I, myself, cannot imagine living in Morocco without rugs and pillows on the floor. My first rental home in Mexico, was filled it with the brightest colors imaginable, crepe paper flowers everywhere, punctuated with lots of clay pottery from various Mexican states, and cages of live birds hanging in the living room !

Later, learning that most Mexicans did not live like Frida Kahlo, an adjustment took place.

Years passed, and my Mexican tastes matured. Now, still living in a Grey Blue Period, with the calming colors persisting, they are thought to have developed as cataracts caused the world to turn a yellowish grey.

Post eye operations, everything turned too bright and the Rosa Mexicana, Chartreuse, and Electric Blues of before are now just tacky choices and intrusions of bad taste. Forgive me.

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