Drifting . . . historical fantasy and a memory

A romantic entrance from a shady tropical terrace - a suitable site for a tryst. The arches are reminiscent of the apartment we once rented on an island in that storied "wine dark sea" and the giant avocado tree has shaded this area since Rosa Maria and Francisco lived here.

Was theirs a love story or a meeting of convenience ? She grew up in New York City until she was sixteen, a Mexican by birth, who spoke perfect English, and was brought back to Mexico to marry -- and he was the adopted son of a Yucatecan governor. He was an orphan who sold newspapers on a certain corner in Merida which the politician passed each morning. Francisco Polo was in the chicle business with the three Gonzalez brothers who had their offices across the street -- and obviously lived well. He was as handsome as they come, the photo tells the story, Rosa Maria was a strawberry blonde with blue eyes. They had no children.

This information came from a niece who lives in Queretaro. And the paintings and drawings which she gifted us were from Rosa’s studio on the second floor of todays Casa Mexilio. Some days, like today, these tales mixed with historical fact and a sultry sleepiness makes me drift and wonder what historical bits of my own life might remain in this place . . .

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