These weren’t available

This Creole cook book is left over from a hazy few days in 1969, when dressed as an escapee from The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, in a canary yellow version of a swabby I intermittently sought some local ‘color’/culture i.e. food.

It was a shock in 1980 to discover here in Yucatan that some of the basic ingredients for making Chili con Carne, which I had assumed was a Mexican creation, were not available.

Canned tomatoes, forget about it, tomato paste, no way, the spices had to be prepared in house with garlic, comino, chile rojo molido, oregano and salt. It was easy to mis calculate.

Once, when Walmart first opened there were tomatoes in cans at about three times the price I was prepared to pay.

And the red kidney beans were nowhere to be found. The smaller, typical red charros beans were everywhere. After not searching for a long time,

----- yesterday - there they were, sacks of them, too heavy to pick up.

I should get out more often.