Table for Two

A place I’ve always enjoyed being, a dimly lit, sensuous table for two, with extra points for it being in some exotic and sophisticated destination.

I can remember when Cedar Key off the Florida Gulf Coast was considered decadent enough for the cash investment of gas to get there when I was a university student. We bought a bushel hamper of blue crabs and most of them escaped into hidden recesses of the VW on the way back to school.

There was a down and out Valdez hotel bar in Valdosta, Georgia, where we found girlfriends which passed for call girls during tobacco season. Sophistication ?

But the apogee of decadence was to be found in Savannah during the sixties. No one talked restoration nor renovation, then -- the bare light bulb hanging on a wire from a 19th Century plaster medallion in a pre-Civil War Classical structure on an oak filled park, and a brass bed that needed its screws tightened, and a Black piano songstress in the Pirates House Bar -- when I was under age --

Those were some memorable venues where the dimly lit, sensuous table played a role.

Later there was Paris and Greece, New York, and the super sophisticated Hague where work took me.

Here we are tonight, at the dimly lit table for two, in this decadent and exotic destination -- Hotel Casa Mexilio in Merida, Yucatan.

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