Escaping from Quarantine

Some of you did it. I was 'chicken' and stayed with my books and streaming movies until my hair turned two shades grayer. Searching for food was as close as the Santiago Plaza and Market, two blocks away, but it closed, and I freaked out after seeing the tramps and unmasked vegetable and fruit vendors.

Staying on the keto diet became harder and harder. The carbohydrates and snack foods were plentiful but the seafoods were missing. The chicken lady eventually returned to her stall. No problem with vegetables - but the fresh mushrooms were a bus or taxi ride away, and we quickly got tired of zucchini and pasta.

During the decades we owned the Caribbean ranch, called Xamach, there were three passenger vans parked in the street in front of the hotel, and a small VW Atlantic in the garage. The neighbors complained about us consuming more than our share of street parking.

Then I got older, started using Uber and buses, which are wonderful, cheap, and rapid - and the auto was sold. I'm happy with -- or was happy with, Merida's community transport options -- until covid. Now, if transport is of an emergency nature, I ask a friend. At eighty, even now, the necessary destinations are close enough to walk -- and more and more, most things are becoming 'digital'.

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