Since I married into the Manzanero Family . . .

The sickness and death of ARMANDO MANZANERO has been a topic to follow.

All through the study and preparation we did these last few months, through Buenas Practicas Sanitarias of the State of Yucatan, in order to lawfully reopen Hotel Casa Mexilio and our tavern bar called Taberna Mexilio, we became acutely aware of the dangers of being around other people, who are not a part of your family group.

We were CERTIFIED by the state, but that only increased our fear and dread. What kind of fogger should we buy and use to disinfect the building ? When a client leaves, is it safe to go into their room -- and what about these rubber mats at the entrances of all business, that are just that -- a rubber mat, with no disinfectant, left dry -- because the liquid costs money and it's expensive.

We were serious about the quarantine from the onset, and the only risks taken were to buy foodstuffs in the nearby market. And there, we ran like a frightened mouse after seeing people we knew with masks down around their chins, and almost no social distancing practiced. We stopped buying there -- and waited until times when the supermarket had few people. We have not been to the big box stores, even though the desire for the wild, crisp taste of a good chardonnay is buzzing around my head.

ARMANDO MANZANERO, romantic, composer of legendary melodies which define being a Yucatecan, died this week. He let his guard down and died of Covid.

Only two people will sit at the New Years table, festooned with the belongings of long dead relatives. We sincerely hope for a better year than 2020 --

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